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PREVENT (radicalisation & extremism)

The awareness of staff and pupils about this topic is a priority for Thorndon Primary School. All staff and school governors have received training on this important topic. This training is based on the PREVENT initiative from central Government and includes the referral and CHANNEL process, to which a young person at risk of radicalisation and extremism could be referred to for support. 

The school lead for PREVENT (Radicalisation and Extremism) is: Hannah Meadowcroft (Head of School)

The named PREVENT Governor is: Mrs Jane Pattenden

Pupils take part in activities based around raising awareness of British values, the importance of being internet aware, sharing with adults their worries about a friend  and being an inclusive school.

If anyone has any concerns about a young person displaying radicalised behaviour or feel they are vulnerable to radicalisation, please contact Hannah Meadowcroft immediately.